Social Media Post Is Everything Social media is a place where people come together for all sorts of reason from sharing passions to trying to increase their business through marketing. Knowing who, what, when, where, why, and sometimes how is going to get you into a better path towards finding success in getting your message across. Understanding everything from the reason why they are there to how to better communicate your message and what platforms to use can be tricky. Here is a quick couple tips that should help you get started finding more success. Who is your audience? Think long and hard about these next few questions to figure out your marketing plans.

  1. How old are they?
  2. Are they Male or Female?
  3. What is their geographical location?
  4. Do they have certain hobbies?
  5. What other items like yours do they commonly purchase?

What is their issue you can solve? Thinking about this sometimes leads us to the simple things like the answer “Finding them a house” but think deeper do you help with finding loan programs with lower interest? Could you help with staging? Think about what you personally are an expert at and what sets you apart. Sharing Knowledge Grows your Network When do they spent their time online? Looking into charts on when your target market is online can help you in planning your posts. With all social media sites if your posts do not get quick reactions the algorithm punishes your post hiding it from view. If you post when your crowd is most busy you will see much more traction. Where do they spend their time online? This one is easy to mess up on because we all think what ever social network we use the most or hear the most about is the only one. I am not saying you must use them all but I am saying where the majority of your potential leads are you must be. Some of the most popular ones are Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, Linkedin, Musically, TikTok, Pintrest, and so many more. The key to remember is where does my target market spend their time. Think of this as work and not a hobby and it will go better.   Why should they choose you? This is not because you are available 24/7 or that you are amazing. Think deep on this one. What is that amazing trait about you that is going to help them reach their personal goals. Always think about the fact that you are not the hero they need to be. You are their assistant as Robin is to Batman ready to help in a moments notice and at any cost. Letting your client be the superstar is how to get more clients to want to use you so they too can be stars. Social Media concept with person holding a smartphone How do they benefit from using you? Once you have taken clients through the process of using you and they are now stars do not be afraid with their permission to highlight them. Often in real estate we glorify the lender, inspector, and the agent always mentioning how great their services are and how much they help. Do not be afraid to be in the back seat and let the successes your clients have found be the highlight. By doing this it will show others that they will directly benefit from working with you.   Putting these simple practices into effect when working in a business that requires a great social media presence is sure to get you noticed. Doing what makes sense to the consumer is what gets results. Stop thinking about what you want, like or would do and start putting the client first. If you are looking for more social media help please feel free to ask a question in our Facebook group Real Facts on Real Estate.