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The Walking Trails Of Duxbury
Part 2 of 4



Cow Tent Hill Duxbury, Wildlands Trust, Hiking, Run, Walk

Cow Tent Hill Preserve

Located off of route 3A Tremont St in Duxbury. Take Rt. 3 to Exit 11, turn right onto Rt. 14 East toward Duxbury. Bear right to stay on Rt. 14. At lights, turn left on Rt. 3A North.

The 32-acre area known as Cow Tent Hill used to be a pasture field, and acquired its name from the act of setting up canvas tents to shade the livestock. The hill abuts Duxbury Marsh, a salt marsh. Hundreds of years ago, the river was called Stoney Brook, then Mill Brook, and eventually came to be called the Duck Hill River.

Cow Tent Hill, Map for hike, Preserve, Wildlands
Trail Loop:Possibly the smallest trail in Duxbury, the loop can be done in 15 minutes

Season: Year Round

Skill Level: Easy


Red Squirrel, Nature, Land, Love

Small rodents, marsh wrens, and red-winged blackbirds.

This small trail is perfect for a quick dog walk, or to let the kids stretch their legs. Parts of the hill can be a bit steep, so be sure to grab a good walking stick along your way. It might also be a good idea to wear long pants as poison ivy lines the edges of the path.

Relax, Yoga, Walk

Click Here For Cow Tent Hill Trail Map

Bay Farm, Duxbury Bay, Walk

Bay Farm

The 80 acres of Bay Farm straddle both Duxbury and Kingston. On Rt.3 south, take Exit 10 and bear right onto Rt. 3A north. Turn right onto Parks Street. Bear left at the fork onto Loring Street. Continue on Loring Street past Bay Road. Parking will be less than a half mile up on the left.

Today, Bay Farm is not a working farm, and is maintained for recreation purposes. In the 1970s, the Duxbury Conservation Commission bought the 40 acres on the Duxbury side, and later the town of Kingston did the same.

Trail Loop: 0.75 miles

Season: Year round

Skill Level: Easy

Osprey, Fish, Hunt, Falcon

Many different birds, including northern harrier, osprey, goldfinch, red- tailed hawk, and waterfowl. In the summer and early fall, many types of butterflies can be seen. Red tailed fox, white-tailed deer, and rabbit have also been spotted in the field.

Boardwalk, Bay Farm, Stream

Bay Farm’s best feature is the ocean views of Kingston Bay. After a 10-15 minute walk across the field, the trail ends atop large boulders overlooking the bay, making it a great place to bring the kids and pets. The wildflowers in the field provide a sweet fragrance along the entire trail. This trail is very popular for dog walkers, so be sure to watch out for droppings.

Ocean View, Bay, Bayfront. Water, Bay Farm

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Camp Wing, Camp Wing Duxbury, Summer Camp, Hike
Camp Wing Conservation Area

From Rt. 3 South: Take Exit 11 off Rt. 3. Turn left at the end of the off ramp onto Rt. 14 west (Congress Street). Turn right at Franklin Street. A small semi-circle parking area is about a half-mile down on the left. Please note: If Googling the directions, Google will take you to the private Crossroads for Kids Camp, not the entrance to the conservation area.

In 1998, the town of Duxbury purchased the Camp Wing Conservation Area, and also purchased the land adjacent it in 2008, bringing the total size to 453 acres. This area is named after a day camp called Camp Wing, run by Crossroads For Kids. The area is made of wetlands, forest, and bogs.

Trail Loop: About 2 miles

Season:Year  round, great for snowshoeing

Skill Level:Easy

Yellow Spotted Salamander, Nature, Wet, River, Leaf
White-tailed deer, coyotes, fox, otter, fisher cats, mink, beaver, and opossum make up the larger mammals. Salamanders, frogs, and rare turtles inhabit the wetlands. Turkeys, scarlet tanager, oven birds, turkeys, ruffed grouse and great horned owls are among the many species of birds.

Wide, gravel paths leading to the observation deck that overlooks the bog are one of the highlights of Camp Wing. The area is great for joggers and walkers, and even snowshoeing in the winter. This forest is abundant in white pine, which gives the trails a wonderful fragrance.

Eastern Box Turtle, Camp Wing, Turtle

Click Here For The Camp Wing Trail Map

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