Power Of Positive Mindset

In life it is easy for us all to always be concerned with anything and everything that can, could, would, or did go wrong. After all we were raised by parents and the entire time, we grow up we are warned of consequences or punished for our past actions. In a world like this is easy to see why we all end up with a negative bias. We learn growing up that we must protect ourselves at all costs and that the entire world out there is possibly a threat.

In real estate related practices including insurance, mortgage pros, inspectors, and agents we are all involved in sales and with sales comes the need to generate business through leads. When we receive a lead it is easy for us to immediately disqualify the lead mentally based on the fact we do not yet know the person. Some of the reasons we do this are.

1)      We want to protect our time.

2)      We want to justify why they did not convert if they do not.

3)      We want to save money on “wasteful lead sources”

Focus on the goal, not the obstacles

The reality to these mind sets is they are self-limiting beliefs. By thinking that you want to protect your time you are already putting up a barrier that the lead can detect. Though humans are not that good at knowing why we can sense it, all of us can sense hesitation. Hesitation as a salesperson leads to the client walking away because of your lack of confidence. That same feeling of protecting your time that you feel the client is feeling as well and when the emotions match no relationship is formed. Instead of thinking “when they show me they are real I will step it up” you need to think “I am going to impress them so much they will know the clear choice is to choose me”. This type of sales method works more often and will lead you to higher conversion rates.

Often the mistake of future justification of not closing them comes into play. What I mean by this is if we share with friends, family, or coworkers how “bad” the leads are from a certain source it allows us to commit to converting at a lower rate. That way when or if we do fail, we can say “see I told you those leads suck”. This type of thought process is following the negative which means you subconsciously project negative emotion which the potential future client feels and uses as a reason to walk away. If you were to take the same lead and meet them with a can-do attitude you would see a much different original interaction.

Closing is about winning

Another reason we all work in the negative versus being positive is leads are expensive to purchase and we all work on fixed budgets. Unfortunately, most salespeople look at marketing as a cost which is dead wrong. If your marketing is costing you anything you need to change it up immediately! All marketing should be creating a return on investment or “ROI”. This means for every dollar you spend you should be getting at least $1.50 in return. I usually shoot for $1 = $2.50 or above for the ROI when buying leads for my brokerage. As an agent I would suggest at least $1= $1.50 to ensure profitability.

When we work in a mindset of leads are too expensive it allows us to “cut costs” and shut off lead sources. This simple give and take mindset is a way to slow the flow of money. The truth is it does slow the flow of money, but both in and outbound which means slowly but surely it strangles the business. Using the negative mindset can be one of the quickest ways to kill your own business in sales since without marketing you have no lead and with no leads you have no new sales.

Negative Positive Mindset

For now, on when working with leads I want you to lead the way with a positive mindset and stone-cold confidence. On the ride to the meet with the lead or prepping for the calls I want you to start a positive mantra. You could use something simple like “I am a sales beast” or “I will land this deal” or “Working with me leads to success” or anything else positive you can think of. When on the phone or in person with the lead keep this mindset up and always remember to smile. Smiling has been proven time and time again to increase your odds EVEN when using the phone. On your down time make sure to daydream up what your goals are and what you want to do with the proceeds from closing more deals. Make this daydream so deep and powerful that you can feel the benefits of the positivity it creates.

Keep in mind every successful salesperson had a day and time where they had a mindset shift that cause them to become more successful. When in a rut and you can not find success get out there and buy yourself a gift. It could be a new tie, dress, shirt, car, or whatever is in your affordable range that the next time you go to a meeting would make you feel like a badass and ready to succeed. Stop punishing yourself for the past and start thinking about what you can do in the future to win. Winners spend time planning their next win while losers’ dwell on the past.

In life we never want to wait till the leads come to use or till luck moves our way. It is time to create your own destiny and control your luck. Stop waiting on sales to show up at your door and get out there and sell something!


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