The phone is one of the most powerful tools we have in real estate. The phone works so much different than all our new forms of communication such as text or email. The biggest difference is the ability to utilize tonality and to hear the tones of the person you are speaking with to measure their feelings. When sending texts or email we rely on things like emojis or trying to word things correctly to make sure we get the correct message out.

One thing that is also a major pro of using the phone is the fact that you have a captive audience. Yes people may in time end the call or even hang up on you but it is different than written messages. Often when texting with a client or emailing them, the conversation will be going well then just flat line. The person may have got busy or just did not like the way the conversation was going but that is something that is an unknown at that time and hard to figure out. It is not often you are on the phone with someone and ask something and just hear dead air as a response.

Working the phone is something we all need to learn to do more often. Whether you are a real estate agent talking to a potential lead or a home inspector talking about a home inspection gone wrong the phone is going to be your best way to ensure the conversation goes as planned. The time that this stands out the most is in instances where something goes wrong or just not as planned.

When working a deal there are many times that the plan and what happens do not match. This is a time where many people get nervous and want to hide behind texts or emails. Doing that can lead to a severe degradation of your relationship with your clients. Take for example a home inspection that goes wrong and you as the buyer’s agent need to talk through the repair list or negotiations with your clients. Hiding behind an email can lead to a missed item or a feeling that the client is more upset than they really are. While a nice typed out list helps when it comes to talking with the other real estate agent it always is best to talk on the phone in addition.

When you have a nice typed out list for the other agent you will want to send it then reach out via phone. Make yourself available and make sure that you use the proper tonality to express the real feelings on the issues. Lots of times a long email with repairs needed can come off as demanding and not accomplish the goal at all. One thing you learn in real estate is that there is no bigger deal killer than emotion. Working the phone correctly can help you avoid these emotion hiccups and close more business. Real estate takes being a communicator and at the end of the day the best way to find success is know which form of communications to use and when to use them.