Happy New Year! It is now time to step into the new you. Today is the first day trying out your new legs and working your tail off. I know in years past you may have told friends and family how hard you work but this year is different. This is going to be the year you no longer need to tell them because you no longer need enablement. You are going to put all the excuses aside and hit the ground running.

People are funny. We all talk about how much we do as if to brag to others. The truth is we know what we do. For most of us it is procrastination and minimize work no matter what we tell others. Success does not care for these excuses. It in fact sees right through them. Here are a five tips to help you succeed in 2021

  1. Write down goals because without them you are just winging it.
  2. Track key stats so you know how your work is going.
  3. Get an accountability partner who actually holds you accountable.
  4. Find someone you look up to and see them as competition stats wise.
  5. Be honest with yourself so you can finally grow.

If you put all five of these tips to action this year you are sure to find more success. It is so easy to say we want to do a lot or to say we want to win but that’s not all we need to do. We need to quantify goals and measure results. Now you are ready to get out there and win. I hope you enjoyed this blog. Please make sure to check out our Podcast, Blog, Website, and Newsletter “Real Facts on Real Estate”. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.

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