Appraisals Value Money

Most of us are familiar with the law of attraction which states that the universe is always drawing similar energies together and by truly believing in something that it will come true. There is no industry that this stands truer than the real estate industry. In life it is always easier to see the downside in anything than it is to see the upside, and this is the core reason so many real estate professionals struggle to grow their business.

By learning to change this feeling and gaining an understanding of how powerful our emotions are we can create a much healthier and more sustainable sales funnel. The place where this comes into play the most is where we are always meeting with clients and prospects and trying to win over their business. Humans have an innate ability to sense what one another are thinking. By meeting with every prospect with a negative bias you may think you are protecting yourself from harm or wasted time, but the truth is quite different.

Law Of Attraction In Real Estate

When we meet with someone with this protective feeling as much as we try to hide it the writing is on the wall. That means even when you are smiling on the outside your inner energy is telling the prospect or client otherwise which leads to that feeling becoming true. The key to changing this is not to put up a better bluff but to rewire your thought process to a positive one. When you get these negative feelings ahead of an appointment you need to take time to rethink it all. Once you become more aware of your negative thoughts you will become more able to replace them with positive thoughts. Take time before each meeting to envision how the meeting is going to go and how close you are to closing the deal.

In real estate we work in an environment where the outcome can change in a matter of seconds and can flip flop back and forth throughout the entire transaction. When we are aware of this but also aware that most of the time both the buyer and seller share the common goal of selling and buying the home, we can learn to manage our emotions. As you work your way through transactions instead of thinking every time something changes that it must mean the deal could die you need to start thinking it means we need to rearrange the details for a more positive outcome. Learning to keep our mind focused on the end goal of the closing will keep the Law of Attraction in our favor.

This thought process may not be easy at first but if you think back to all your deals how often it went that either party got involved with the idea of, I hope this does not close. The answer to that is very rarely and for some people never. The best thing you can do to start this process along is give everyone the right to the full positive you and look at each situation to envision the end goal. I know this will not be easy at first, but I promise in time you will see your mindset change. The best part of this process is this positive light will also begin to enter your outside of work life improving your personal life as well. One thing is for sure being positive sure beats being negative no matter what you are doing.

As a child we are all born with amazing imaginations now is time to bring that back into your life with the adult mindset of that you can control it and imagine positive outcomes. Each time you feel yourself slipping from this ability to see the successful you go back and find your happy place whether it be meditation, music, or whatever it takes and spend time daydreaming like you would as a child. The more often your practice this the easier it will become as you watch it all become true.