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Duxbury is home to miles of beautiful walking trails within its conservation areas. Besides the North Hill Marsh trails, there are a multitude of other preservations offering opportunities to get closer to nature and appreciate the area’s natural beauty.

Cow Tent Hill Preserve

Situated on both sides of Duck Hill River, Cow Tent Hill Preserve boasts tidal marshes and a white pine forest. Those walking on the southern trail can expect to catch glimpses of marsh wrens and blackbirds. If you venture off the trail, you are likely to find yourself in a great deal of poison ivy, so keep in line!

Bay Farm Conservation Area

This 80-acre parcel of land is the perfect place for bird watching and meandering. It is also wildly popular with dog walkers. The large open field within the conservation area attracts many species of birds as well as coyotes, foxes, and deer. Bay Farm also includes “Cedar Rocks”, which is a large granite outcropping where fisherman catch bluefish.

Duxbury Bog Conservation Area

Bursting with flora and fauna, the Duxbury Bog Trails wind their way around bogs and ponds. In the heart of the conservation lies an esker, which is a deposit of finely sorted sand left by a stream formed by a long-retreated glacier. The addition of cranberry bogs allows for a diversity of vegetation.

Camp Wing Conservation Area

The looping trails of Camp Wing offer a diverse display of various habitats including wetland and an upland forest. The conservation presents a selection of trails and an observation deck. On one of the trails, you will find a seat rigged with cables that is used to cross Phillips Brook to access the rest of the path.

North Hill, North Hill, Hiking North Hill, North Hill ActivitesNorth Hill Marsh

North Hill Marsh is part of Duxbury’s Eastern Greenbelt, which consists of multiple parcels of land owned by several public and private groups. As one of Duxbury’s largest open spaces, North Hill Marsh is mostly a wildlife sanctuary of the Mass Audubon but offers an extensive network of trails that snake their way through bogs and forest. The trails are great for hiking, strolling, and even biking.

Waiting Hill Preserve is also within the North Hill Marsh area and was purchased in 1986 for aquifer protection. The purchase encompassed 120 acres and was named for Waiting Hill, the second highest hill in Duxbury, which sits within its boundaries. When Duxbury was active in the days of sailing ships, Waiting Hill was used to scan the horizon for returning ships. Today, the eastern view is blocked by trees.

The area also contains the North Hill Acreage, which was farmed for 300 years and part of it is now the North Hill Country Club. There are also four town well sites in the area; Mayflower I, II and Tremont I, II.


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