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Duxbury Beach

With its gentle waves and soft, white sand, Duxbury Beach is a favorite spot of residents and visitors alike. The six-mile stretch is a barrier beach that runs from Marshfield to Gurnet Point and Saquish. The beach can be accessed through Gurnet Road and through Powder Point Bridge, which is nearly half a mile long and made of wood. Fun fact: at one time, the Powder Point Bridge made it into the Guinness Book of World Records for being the longest, oldest wooden bridge in the world.

Duxbury beach is very clean with clear, blue water, which tends to be warmer on the bay side of the beach. The shore can be quite rocky in places, so it’s not a bad idea to bring water shoes. The beach slope is very gradual and the waves are generally small, making it safe for families with young children. Dogs are allowed on the beach, provided their handler has a dog permit. In addition, horseback riding and shellfishing also require special permits.

Duxbury Bay Maritime School

The Duxbury Bay Maritime School (DBMS) is a non-profit organization nestled in the beautiful area known as Snug Harbor. The school aims to inspire connection among diverse groups of people through a love and knowledge of the sea.

Situated on 2.5 acres of waterfront property, DBMS is the perfect place to learn about and utilize all the ocean has to offer. DBMS boasts 85 different water and land programs, which it offers to all age groups and all skill levels. Students may enjoy windsurfing, kayaking, rowing, paddle boarding, and much more. DBMS’s on-shore programs feature courses on boating safety and ecology and the school also hosts a number of seminars and guest speakers.

Duxbury Yacht Club

The lush green of its golf course coupled with the rich history of its marina make the Duxbury Yacht Club a leisure lover’s dream. Organized in 1876, the Duxbury Yacht Club was incorporated in 1895 and has played host to boat racing and regattas ever since. In 1914, the second clubhouse was built and moved to the golf course.

The Duxbury Yacht Club currently has two clubhouses; the Sprague-Parker Clubhouse on Fairway Lane and the Ellison Clubhouse on Mattakeeset Ct. The club’s private golf course features 18 holes and has a USGA rating of 71.4 and a slope rating of 131 on bent grass.

Duxbury was one of the first places in the United States to treat organized small boat racing as a sport. Playing an important role, the Duxbury Yacht Club has been a leader in organized water competition since the turn of the century. Today it is a place where community flourishes through the traditional activities handed down from generation to generation.

Bluefish River Bridge

Jumping off the Bluefish River Bridge into the water below is a Duxbury institution and rite of passage for children and fun-loving adults. During high tide in the summer, groups of bathing suit-adorned thrill seekers can be seen congregating on either side of the bridge, poised to take the plunge. In recent years, there has been some concern about the volume of bridge jumpers impeding traffic and the safety of those crossing the road. However, the activity is perfectly legal and regarded with nostalgic fondness by many residents. But be careful and look both ways before crossing the road!

Duxbury Town Boat Launch

Located on Mattakeesett court in Duxbury, you will find the Harbormaster’s department, the town pier, and a public ramp down to the water. The Mattakeesett town landing also provides the Duxbury Yacht Club and the Duxbury Bay Maritime School with access to the sea. There are several town landings in Duxbury, which speaks to the great importance the ocean holds for the townspeople. The landing at Mattakeesett Court was established in 1900 and improved upon throughout the years. Now it is a vital part of everyday oceanic affairs in Duxbury.
Other town landings in Duxbury include:

• Cove St.
• Harden Hill
• Howland’s Landing
• Drew Salt Works
• Simeon Soule’s
• Clark Peterson’s
• Powder Point Bridge landings (north and south sides)
• Anchorage Lane
• Bluefish River
• Winsor St.
• Water St.
• Josselyn Ave.
• Landing Rd.
• Hick’s Point Rd.
• Ford’s Stand

Bayside Marine Corp.

Established in 1949, Bayside Marine Corp. is a full service boatyard and dry-stack marina. Located in Snug Harbor, Bayside Marine offers a range of boat services, including mooring maintenance, electronic installation, and hurricane storage, to name a few. You can also purchase new and used boats from Bayside Marine.

Percy Walker Pool

Located near Duxbury Middle and High Schools, the Percy Walker Pool is open to the public for swimmers of all ages. The pool offers swimming lessons and an “Aquicise” class and it is also available for party rentals. The Percy Walker Pool is open seven days a week and is the site of school swim meets.
Residents and non-residents may purchase pool memberships or pay a daily guest fee. Lanes are available to rent, as is the entire pool for an hourly fee. Benefits of membership include discounts on lesson fees, priority registration, and general swim and adult privileges.


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