Home staging has gained popularity in recent years – and for good reason. Staging your home can help you sell it for a higher price. According to the Realtors® Profile of Home Staging, the median price to stage a home is $675 and over 95% of buyer’s agents believe that home staging has at least some affect on home buyers. With stats like that, it might be worth considering staging your home when it comes time to sell.

While there are many benefits to staging, home owners often have a difficult time coming to terms with a stager’s demands. It is important to listen with an open mind and to not take their decorating suggestions personally. Stagers often recommend home owners remove a large portion of their belongings from the home. This serves to reduce clutter, which can make it seem like your home doesn’t have enough space to store all of your things.

Staged BedroomWhile it’s natural for people to be emotionally attached to their things, it is important to neutralize your influence over your home so that potential buyers can picture themselves living there. So, when a stager tells you to take your beloved antique doll collection out of the living room, they aren’t telling judging your collection, they are trying to help you maximize your home’s value. Home buyers have a tendency to zero in on unusual items in a home and those associations can make it difficult for them to imagine themselves living in your home.

A stager will have a number of suggestions on how to enhance your home’s assets. They may bring in new furniture, artwork, and accessories, to use in tandem with some of your existing furniture and decorative items. Stagers may suggest changing the way certain rooms are used in order to showcase a better use of space. For example, a spare bedroom may be staged as an office in order to make the room appear larger or more versatile. Taking down personal photos and decluttering will help your home look more spacious and organized.

When staging your home, you are giving buyers a glimpse into a life they could have by purchasing your home. Seeing your organized closet, tastefully decorated living room, and spotless kitchen plant a seed in the buyer’s brain that if they lived in your home, they might replicate the lifestyle your home is conveying. Regardless of your personal feelings, trust in your stager to steer you in the right direction. It could pay off more than you think.


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