One of the largest challenges we face as humans is learning to control ourselves and get what we need out of our bodies. It is interesting how powerful the brain can be when it comes to inhibiting us from our full potential. Some great examples of this would be when you are at the gym and read the treadmill timer and suddenly feel tired with only a minute left, or when you are close to home and need to use the bathroom and it seems unmanageable to hold, or when you make a commitment and it is cold out so your brain says it is not worth going out.

Being a spiritual person, I have learned that we have two places where thoughts and ideas come from, one the mind the other the brain. The truth of the brain is that it is weak and is one of the main factors in us failing to succeed. The mind on the other hand is what gives us vision and allows us to set goals and dreams. Unfortunately, in time humans have become so reliant on our brains that often we use words like “I can’t” or “it’s too”. When you feel these feelings, it is now time to become aware of them and to push through it thinking things like “I can” and “it’s only”.

Here are a few places you can put this in place for 2020 that can drastically improve your business.

1)      Start getting up a little bit earlier and getting in a morning workout.

2)       Make more phone calls that you have been avoiding.

3)       Work to make your life the way you see it in your dreams.

4)      Tackle those projects you have been putting off in the past.

Once you find the strength in this type of mindset you will be shocked at how much you get done.

In a show I watched once with a famous drill instructor while on a run he said to his troops “when your body tells you it can go no further tell your brain I said shut the f*ck up”. This is a powerful statement but very true. I hope this blog helps you accomplish more in this new year. Please make sure to join our Facebook group and listen to our Podcast “Real Facts on Real Estate” for more great information.