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Becoming A Townie In 2020

With the fall upon us and the market starting to turn towards a winter market now is the time to be thinking about how to grow your business in 2020. There is no better way to get more business then to be known around town for what you do. In the old days becoming a Townie was as simple as finding a bar stool you fit in, a breakfast place you visit regularly, attend school events, go to town hall meetings, and just be present. While all these methods are still great ways to get into townie status, I am going to talk about some new ways to gain that highly desired status of TOWNIE!


Facebook Likes


Facebook Groups

Groups are a powerful tool on Facebook that gain some serious attention and when done right can gain you that townie status you are looking for. Townie status can be obtained here by creating a group for a subject or cause and attaching it to the town. When doing this you can create the rules and limit who can post info pertaining to what you do in your group. So, if you are a mortgage pro, real estate agent, inspector, or any other industry professional you can make it so only you can answer or post comments on the subject. While doing these groups you do not need to make the group based on your subject but make it more of an open platform for talking like a town yard sale, networking group, hobbyist group, or so many other options. The key here is to engage people and make sure to post engaging conversation starters to keep the group active and make sure to moderate.

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No Time To Run A Group

No time to run a group is no problem choose a group that already exists and become a key contributor. This is not the place to spam them with your new listings or current mortgage rates it is a place to get involved with the subject the group is focused on. This means choose a topic you like and love and show everyone how much you know by sharing great content. There is a group out there for anyone and everyone so find one or several that apply and engage. This will make it so that people in your area are seeing and reading you name all the time. Remember to make sure your profile is updated and states what you do and is not private so people can look. As a major contributor people will click on your profile to see who you are so this is where the magic is. Make sure when they land on your profile it tells them all about who you are and what you do.

Social Media Ads


Social Media Ads

If you are one of those people who could care less to get out there and talk in groups or engage that is fine but do not miss the opportunity to use hyper local targeting and ensure that everyone is seeing you online. The truth is most people spend the majority of their time online in one way shape or form. Keep in mind with Google, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok, Youtube, and so many other places you can choose to run a localized ad, and have it syndicated across the internet. What this means is when locals are going online you can be in front of them with a great digital ad that lets them know not only what you do but that you are a Townie. Social media ads are by far one of the cheapest ways to let the local crowd know that you are a major player in your industry.

Closing Statement

While being a Townie has changed over the years one thing still stands true. The ideas I stated in the opening paragraph still work great it is just hard to find time to be so involved in person and run a busy business. Take and put some of these modern tactics in place and combine them with the old school techniques and you are sure to be know as the local real estate expert and furthermore a solid Townie. Keep in mind when working in social media it is all about being know as the authority in your subject so you gain the respect of others. Being known like this will mean you will get more local business and you will spend less time educating people on who you are or what you do and more time closing deals with trusted locals.