I know a lot of people in the Real Estate industry here on social media and even some of our own agents who have blogs or stories that they post. Whether it be blogs, quick videos, informative posts, or even the quick Tweet to provide value to readers, clients, and prospective clients. Some of us have the talent to just slam out something off the top of our minds, others have to plan out weeks in advance what the topics may be, and some of us struggle to come up with something. 

Having a set schedule for these types of posts creates a buzz that your readers become accustomed too. Once they read a few of your postings they know that “this is the day a new post comes from so-and-so, I need to go back and check for it”. This is great because what you are providing is bringing back traffic to your social media pages, blogs, and web sites. But there are often times we just draw a blank and have no idea what to write about and skip posting. This is off putting to some readers, so what do you do if you have no clue what to post about?

Archive Content

Some organizations, like NAR, provide real estate content to use. You can go take a look at their archive and pick a topic or story to post about. Don’t just copy and paste though, you want to put in your own words what the topic is about. Keep it in your own words, the words that your visitors have grown accustomed to. Check with a few of your organizations and see if they offer free content to get ideas from.

News Feeds

Take a look at the Google news feed. Search for real estate and choose a story. Same as before, read the article and put it into your own words. Using the news feed also keeps your content on topics that are current. If you see multiple stories from different sources then that topic is hot and posting your own thoughts keeps your postings in line with current news and events.

Stick to your schedule and keep posting. If you know that you might be away for a future post then write it before hand and schedule it to post. All blogs allow you to schedule postings and most social media platforms allow you to schedule posts. You can even knock out a few posts and not have to worry about it for a month if you do a few. Also remember you can use this content to create emails for marketing to clients and leads.