We all have our cell phone numbers out on the internet somewhere. If we are an agent it is usually listed on our agent page of our broker. We have it on signs in front of our listings. We might even put it into ads. Truth is someone can get your number.

Then early in the morning you receive a text that says it’s your boss and he or she needs a favor from you. This might not be a surprise. Maybe your broker is the friendly type.

They tell you they are extremely busy and need you to go to eBay and get a gift card and they will repay you.

There is the first red flag. Unless your broker or boss is the type of person who always calls on you with an eBay Gift Card this should be a warning sign.

The next red flag would probably be the phone number you don’t recognize.

This is a scam. They tell you once you buy the eBay card to quickly take a photo of the numbers you received and after a few short seconds after you send it, the money is gone. The number they used to text you was probably used in a prepaid cell phone and gets trashed after a few days of trying anyone they can to buy that eBay gift card.

This just happened to one of our agents. All the scammer needed to do was head to our website, get the name of the broker owner, and choose an agent to text because their cell numbers are listed right on their profiles.

Stay vigilant out there. Always pay attention to who is contacting you. Don’t do any favors, don’t volunteer information, don’t even give them the time of day if you have no idea who it is or if they are asking questions that might give them more information than they need.