Make sure when working with state agencies that time tables are very slow. Whether you are renewing a license, getting a permit. or just trying to get answers there are a lot of chokes in the system. This is true of town halls, courts, fire departments, and everyone else government. This means while doing our work they will be slowing us down.

While this may make our job hard there is nothing we can do about it besides be prepared. We can make sure to make calls early and set appointments way in advance. As we progress our way further into COVID winter 2020-2021 things are only going to get more shut down. In real estate some of the inspections and permits we need may be slowed even further because of this.

When working in these times keep a pulse on what governors, mayors, selectmen, and other state officials are saying. Always make your appointments early so that if something changes you still have time. Take time to make sure your clients also understand all this. When possible make adjustments in your own schedule to better accommodate others to facilitate early completion of goals.

If you do all this during the slow downs you are sure to keep up and running. Real estate is always full of unique challenges. If you enjoyed this blog please make sure to subscribe to our podcast, join our Facebook group, and subscribe to our newsletter “Real Facts on Real Estate”. Please leave any questions or comments below.