Spring Cleaning Supplies

Spring Cleaning Time

Happy Monday everyone! With April vacation and the recent holiday behind me, my mind almost automatically shifted to spring cleaning. Now, for myself, daily cleaning is an absolute must with three children under the age of 10 swirling about like three little tornadoes each day. However, seeing new buds on the trees outside, hearing birds chirping in the morning, and smelling that sweet aroma of freshly cut grass inspires me to begin the week with a fresh start.

What are some simple ways to kick spring cleaning into gear? If you’re busy like I am, taking this seemingly large task on in small pieces is a great place to start.   Here are a few things that I do on a daily basis to make big strides by the end of the week:

1. Dishwashing 

It is so easy to let the dishes pile up in the sink and say to yourself, “I’ll get to it later when the kids go to bed… When I’m finished sending out emails… Etc.“. Instead of postponing this and creating a massive pile of dishes in the sink, try rinsing off the dish and placing it directly in the dishwasher when you are finished with your dishes and utensils. If you have a family or roommates, talk with him about making this a house rule so that you aren’t stuck with everyone else’s dishes as well.

2. Bathroom sink

In my home, water splatters and gobs of toothpaste seem to artistically find their way inside an all-around the bathroom sink. While I would love for my three children to help in this task, I often find myself discovering their works of art long after they’ve been created. This leaves me with the task of scraping and scrubbing calcified toothpaste off the basin of the sink.

Again, my solution for this is simple and can be done on a daily basis. Pick up a tub of your favorite cleaning wipes and place them where everyone can grab one and wipe the sink up after he or she is finished using it. For all my mom friends out there, I can’t tell you how many times I use baby wipes to do this… And it still did the trick!

3.  Laundry 

Piles and baskets of laundry are the banes of my existence. While I am nowhere near perfect with completing this task, I do find that a little bit of organization goes along way with this. First, I make sure that each bathroom and bedroom has it’s own laundry bin. This prevents overflow and also allows me too decipher who’s laundry is being washed at what time. Secondly, I pop in one load of laundry in the wash in the morning, transferring what was in the wash to the dryer. When I return home at the end of the day, I simply folded what was in the dryer, dry what was in the wash, and prep the wash load for the next morning. (I don’t start this wash overnight because I don’t want my clothes sitting in the washer for all that time.)

While it seems as though I could move quicker during the day by leaving these items to be finished at the end of the week, time and time again I am left with mountains of these chores when I don’t handle them on a daily basis. Doing the small things on a daily basis in fact leaves me with more time on the weekends to tackle the larger spring cleaning projects such as organizing closets, purging old items, or even sitting back and taking a much needed day of relaxation.  For myself, I’d rather not be overwhelmed because that only leads to more procrastination.

Happy spring cleaning everyone!