Training In Real Estate

One of the wildest things you will notice in business is the amount of inefficiencies that exist and happen every day allowing profits to go out the window. The reason this is so present is the belief that training is expensive or not needed. Even in times where these mistakes are happening it is because the person feels they already know how to do it. Humans are interesting because if we enjoy something, we will learn anything and everything about it but if we just need to do it for “work” or to “survive” we want to scrape by with enough to get by.

Training For Sports

One way to see this would be to look at a real estate pro you know who likes sports. Look at their ability to tell you a sports players and teams stats including team, college they attended, jersey number, position, awards, and sometimes even weight and height. Then you take the same person and ask them about the current inventory in the town they work in, or ask them a deadline date on a deal they are working, or ask them a question about a client and watch their blank face. The strange part of all this is people do it totally unaware they too are taking part in this bizarre behavior.

If you really want to find success in almost anything there are a few things you can do to win.

  • Outwork your competition
  • Out study your competition
  • Take care of your clients and turn them into viral users

As you can see each of these items are all a part of training. When you commit to learning your craft, you will be shocked by how much more efficient you become. No longer will you be stressing about when a due date pops up but instead you will be on top of the details by training to use your CRM system. The world has become more complex than ever so training and tech that helps you succeed is more important than ever. If you want to be a top producer in the real estate world you need to think like a top producer and always be learning.

Train To Win

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