We are going to veer off the track of suggesting phones, laptops, and profiles you need to optimize a bit this blog. So this week’s Tech Tip is going to go along with the last Real Facts on Real Estate Podcast about creating your avatar for marketing. If you didn’t catch it here is the link: 


When you are choosing what social media to market yourself, either by paid ads or just presence, it is best to know where your audience is located. Social media posting managers like Hootsuite and SproutSocial will sometimes do some research and give their customers some insight or analytics as to what the audience looks like on certain platforms.

I had just stumbled on the SproutSocial analytics for 2019 and thought that it would be great to share with everyone. The graphic is pretty large so we broke it up to a manageable size to view. What you can gather from this info graphic is the age group of use for each social media platform. Very helpful to someone that is trying to market themselves to a specific audience. Again, credits to SproutSocial for making this information public. Read the full report post here :


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