These days the smartphone is the ultimate tool for real estate agents. It keeps us connected with our clients. It also is a great tool to take those quick photos to showcase something that our client might like or to get some information over to another agent. Sometimes though we may have trouble opening those photos on other devices.

Apple iPhones have been saving photos in a format known as HEIC which is part of the HEIF Family (High Efficiency Image Format) since iOS 11. Apple adopted this format back in 2017 and other systems have been slow to support it (especially Microsoft Windows). If you are having trouble opening this file in Windows, here is a quick way to fix this.

The Windows Store, available in Windows 10, has a add-on for Windows that can display HEIC in the Photo application. The only downside to this is that you can only view the photo. If you are not using the photo in any documents or applications then this is the best way to view the photo.

Head over to the Microsoft Store in Windows 10 and search for “HEIF Image Extensions” Install this program and it will add the process necessary for the Photo app to display the HEIC photo. Click Install and you are ready to go.

If you are looking for a quick conversion of the HEIC file to a more supported format like JPG then there are multiple online sites that you can upload the photo to and download a converted format. Just search for “HEIC to JPG”. But if you don’t like the idea of uploading personal photos (you should never upload a photo of a deposit check to a website) then you will need a tool installed on your computer.

We use CopyTrans HEIC for Windows.

Installing CoyTrans HEIC adds a menu to your left click to convert any HEIC file quickly to JPG. After installation just right click on the HEIC photo and click “Convert to JPG with CopyTrans” This will create a new file with the same name, but in JPG format for use in any document you need.