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Simple Tricks to Make Moving Effortless

Moving day is can be very stressful! As it moves closer, you can begin to feel like there’s no way you can pack your entire life into a moving truck on time.

We understand this experience first-hand and we wanted to share a few helpful moving tips and tricks to make it a better experience for you and your loved ones.

Create a To-Do List

There are so many things that you need to do prior to moving and it’ll be very challenging to remember do to it all! Before you start de-cluttering and cleaning make sure to create a detailed list of the tasks you will need to complete, no matter how small. A few things you should include are:

  • transferring your homeowner’s insurance to your new address
  • updating your creditors with the new address
  • labeling your moving boxes
  • decluttering and donating any items that you might no longer need
  • A plan for what to keep, throw away, recycle, giveaway, or sell
  • A list of who will handle what tasks


As you’re completing all your to-dos, make sure you check them off your list as you go. It will help you see how far you’ve come in accomplishing all your different tasks before the big day!

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Declutter Your Home And Start Room by Room

One of the biggest hurdles to moving is sorting through all of your belongings and deciding which ones you won’t be taking to your new home. Decluttering your house slowly and room by room is the key to finding success and less stress.

Remember to begin with baby steps: Instead of trying to tackle the entire project in one weekend, spend an hour or two on just one room. Create three piles: Keep, Donate, and Trash. Remember, you can always buy books, kitchen gadgets, and other things after you move. The good thing about these piles is you can feel good about donating items you no longer need.

It’s a Great Idea to Host a Yard Sale

Once you’ve decided which items you don’t need, it’s a great idea to host a yard sale and anything that’s left over you can donate to charity or a local thrift store. A great place to advertise a yard sale is Facebook events and marketplace. Remember, the less items you have, the less items that you’ll have to pack and move!

Packing List Organization

Be Creative When You’re Packing

After you’ve packed your big appliances and decorative pieces, you can fill in the spaces with smaller items to act as extra cushioning and save a bit of space in the process.

Another way you can get creative with your packing is by stacking items vertically instead of horizontally. Instead of laying down dishes, bowls, plates, and other fragile items in a box, stack them upright and cushion them with socks and towels. This will prevent your glass items from shifting around during the move.

Use Cling Wrap

Cling wrap is a very effective seal for all those bottles of shampoo, soap, lotion, or other liquids that can spill out and create a mess.

Cling wrap is also easier to remove than tape. If you have clothes and jewelry packed away in drawers, surround the drawers with a thick layer of cling wrap and it won’t make a sticky mess.

Moving Packing Tips

Try to have “Open Me First” Boxes

To avoid going through the stress of digging through countless boxes just to find coffee, towels or toilet paper, items will be easier to find if you create a box of the essentials and place it on the moving truck last. Always remember to label your boxes and make a good inventory list. You might want to pack some of these items in that box so they’re easier to get to:

  • a first aid kit
  • instant coffee and snacks
  • box cutters and screwdrivers or other useful tools
  • pajamas and extra set of clothes
  • toilet paper, soap, shampoo, toothbrushes, toothpaste and towels

Ask Us for More Helpful Moving Tips!

Whether you’re planning to buy a home or whether you’re selling your current home. Movementum Realty is more than happy to provide you with additional tips to help you prepare for your upcoming move. Please feel free to reach out and we can get started on the process! Also do not forget there is nothing wrong with using professional movers if it is within the budget.

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