With everything going on in the world right now we are all being advised to follow social distancing and leave at least six feet between us and other people. While this sounds easy to do it is a challenge for most real estate professionals because they fear losing the contacts that they have fought so hard for. In an industry where handshakes and people to people meetings are a daily part of the job people are looking for ways to ensure they keep their book of business safe. The great news when it comes to this is we now have more tools than ever to make it work. Here are a few ways that you can not only survive COVID-19 but come out the other side swinging and winning.

Video Meetings

With tools like Zoom, FaceTime, Whatsapp, Facebook messenger, and so many more there has never been an easier time in history to meet someone face to face without being in the same place. While talking on the phone and texting works for communication it is not the same as seeing someone face to face. Yes, these digital platforms do not actually put you face to face but what they do allow is people to see your face and see what emotion you are conveying. These tools are also a great way to take a client on a tour of a home without stepping foot on the ground until they determine it fits the bill of what they need. If you are not currently using these platforms it is the time to start because when we come out the other side of this event, we are in people are never going to stop using this tech in the real estate industry.

Virtual Homes

As the years have passed, we watched listings of homes go from text rich newspaper listings to the current time where we have video walk throughs and floor plans. Some people have failed to upgrade what they are doing and even before this crisis their listings were starting to stick out with poor quality cell phone photos that barely depict what is there. Right now if you are going to be listing a home at bare minimum you should be offering professional photography, a video walk through tour, floor plans, and a completely filled out listing that has every box and option filled in that the home has. By making sure we have all this in place we can ensure the consumer does not need to come out to understand what the home looks and feels like. This is another thing that after the crisis will not back down but only amplify so make sure to connect with industry pros that can help your listings stick out in this digital world.

Social Marketing

One good thing that has come out of this virus is a captivated audience right here on the internet. While people are all social distancing and stuck inside their thirst for content has never been higher. As a broker I am noticing a massive influx of growth across all our social media channels. If you were ever thinking about getting into social media marketing or expanding what you are already doing the time is now. Instead of worrying about making it perfect or what you will do just get started. Do not let paralysis through analysis stop you from creating your content. Keep in mind 1% better each day is 100% better in 100 days and 3.6 times better by the years end. Start with topics you know about and make them content rich so your clients will learn that you are the authority on your subject. Take this down time while social distancing to get started and then when we are back be sure to keep the flow going. Keep in mind that consistency is key to growing a massive social following. Starting and stopping on and off as you have time is a good way to waste a lot of time by losing your fan base each time you fail to produce.

Never Turning Back

While some people dream that COVID will just up and leave and life will just go back to normal, the truth is they are wrong. Even if this all blows over tomorrow, we have learned some serious mistakes we have been making as a society. From people attending colleges and spending massive money on room and board to people going to doctors offices for items that could be done through tele-visits we are never going back. The digital revolution is here so take time to get used to it and to learn how to thrive in this new digital playground. As with every other major event in time while dealing with what’s going on times can seem endless but when we reach the other side the world will move faster than it ever did. If you enjoyed this blog, make sure to check out our podcast “Real Facts on Real Estate and also join the Facebook group.