Growing up in a society where college costs nearly as much as a home and the cost of education can hinder people’s ability to buy homes, I think sharing education is more important than ever. Sharing information is exactly what the Facebook group “Real Facts on Real Estate” is all about. I created this group knowing that knowledge is power, and we can empower one another by sharing the knowledge we each have. One of the best parts about sharing knowledge is that you do not lose any of what you know and often in the process gain knowledge. Imagine if when you shared your food you ended up with more food!?

While I understand that people have the right to make a living from educating, I do believe it is important we share when we can. Sharing can lead to power and growth in many ways throughout the process. First when you share knowledge you will be faced with questions which will often force you to rethink the topic which in turn will further your education. Next when you share with others, they tend to give back to you through the unwritten law of reciprocation. Keep in mind that just because you are teaching someone in one subject does not mean soon after they will not be teaching you in another subject. Be open to the idea and concept of the exchange of knowledge.

In this knowledge driven world that is always growing and changing people look for the authority when they seek out who to work with or work for. There are many ways to prove you are the authority by sharing the knowledge you have. We all have a wealth of knowledge stored up in our brains with the only challenge being how to get the info from our brains and into the desired audiences brain. In modern day we now have more tools than ever to do this at an infinite scale.


Podcasts are a great way to speak what is on your mind and to share information to the masses where the same lesson can be used again and again. It is relatively easy with modern tools to record, edit, and syndicate your own podcast across the web and amass a following. Some important things to remember when producing a podcast are to be consistent with creating new content, be consistent with your subject material, make sure to edit, keep the length of the podcast to a minimum based on the subject, and guest speakers can help you spread your reach. Gaining a following on a podcast can take a while so hang in there for the first year or two and you should start seeing growth rates increase.


Blogs are a great place for you to share your words in the form of writing. Written copy is one of the harder forms of content due to the need to know punctuation, grammar, sentence structure, and how to write the way you want your audience to read/interpret it. Writing a blog has been a journey for me with grammar and punctuation being a weak point for me. With tools like Microsoft Word and the proper help by editors I am able to share a lot of information. Much like a podcast a blog is a great way to get information out to the masses one time and have it available forever. Keep in mind if you write blogs and something changes about the content in the future unlike a podcast you can go back in an edit in the correct material.


Video is by far the most engaging content with both audio and visual stimulation of the brain. Video is often feared by content creators worrying about things like what they look like or sound like on their videos. The truth is people see you everyday already in person from walking out of the gym to a lazy Sunday in sweats at the supermarket. When creating video, we get the time ahead to prepare by choosing what to wear and what to say (Other than shooting live off the cuff). The best advice I have for shooting video is to just get started and know that you are not going to be perfect in the first video it is about getting better slowly but surely. If you get .25% better each video that means even if your first video is a total 0 in only 400 videos you will be producing 100% quality which if you shoot a video a day takes just over a year. During the process of learning share the videos with friends and watch them again and learn from what you created. Creating video is in my opinion the best way to become an authority in a subject.

Public Speaking

Whether at a convention, local event, or in front of a networking group public speaking gives you a captivated audience. For podcasts, blogs, and videos there is a much higher risk that your audience is multi-tasking and not giving it their 100% focus. When speaking in public you have an audience who is typically paying direct attention to you and what it is you have to say. Though it is not like the other three options in this blog in the aspect of being able to be shared infinite times you can fix that by making sure to record it. If recorded properly the audio could become a podcast and the video could be ready to be aired rather quickly after the event or even streamed live. Public speaking can be tough for some people but set your fear aside and take the stage.


Growing your business and sharing your knowledge can run hand and hand. If you learn to start sharing your knowledge you will watch your business grow through becoming an authority in your professional field. The next time you get an opportunity to share your knowledge jump at the chance and start expanding your reach. While I did name four great ways to share your knowledge there are millions of other great tools out there that may work better for you. Today I wrote this blog on my way to my first major public speaking event “Real Estate Domination” and I look forward to using this as one more stepping stone towards growing my business life. If you enjoyed this blog please make sure to check out and the others and also make sure to join my Facebook group “Real Facts on Real Estate”.