One thing that has been true of every person throughout time no matter how rich or poor, their most valuable asset is time and the sad part is you never get more of it. Time is a strange thing where during times of pain or loss it can seem long and during times of fun or enjoyment it can seem short. The reality is there is always the same amount of time and it really comes down to how you spend it. Life is short so never waste a minute of your timing doing something you do not want to be doing.


Right now, time has been challenging in a way most of us if not all of us have ever seen before. We have all our time available but most of our world is closed and waiting for a virus to pass by. With all that is going on sadly some people are wasting all the time between here and the re-opening binge watching TV, drinking, eating, and regressing from all positive behaviors. Is this you and what are you doing to become more aware of it?

Time Investments

While on this down time and stuck in there are Seven things you could do now to beat your competition in the future and come out of this a winner by investing in yourself.

1)      Get up on time. Sleeping in when needed is worth it but mostly it leads to a lack of energy in the day and less hours to do the important things in life.
2)      Workout daily to ensure your body keeps producing the important hormones that keep us away from depression and feeling good. It also helps us to stay healthy and not get sick during these times.
3)      Eat good food while you are stuck home. Often in society we eat out at restaurants and eat high calorie low nutrient meals. Use some of your extra time to enjoy cooking and making nice foods. Good food will give you the energy and health you need to succeed.
4)      Study harder than any of your competition while you have the time. When it comes to reading books and studying most everyone has an excuse and usually it is time. Right now, you have the time so do not manufacture a new excuse. Start studying now and you will be sure to know more for the re-open.
5)      Work when you can on your business. Often while in the normal day to day work we work in our business serving clients and making sure we create cash flows. During a time like this it may give you time to work on your business instead creating new handbooks, manuals, training, and checking over the health of your business.
6)      Marketing during a down time is like watering seeds in the garden. If you want your farm to grow you need to water them daily. There is no such thing as skipping a day of watering without that seed perishing. This is the same for the clients you are propagating do not go cold on them in a down time. Now is your time to shine.
7)      Learn to listen more to what people need and be OK with not knowing answers. I know a lot of people are trying to be a Covid-19 expert and tell everyone else what to do. I am preaching to listen more instead and only offer help or advice you are qualified to give. Doing this will help you foster your real estate relationships and show your clients you are there for them.

The Time is Now

With all down turns or changes in the economy there is a massive wealth shift so be ready for it. Unlike what you have been taught or believed before, start to realize the money just moves hands it never disappears. As you deal with this crisis be aware and think what I can do to get my share of this shifting marketplace. Do not put all your eggs in one basket and be ready no matter which way the market turns. I hope this blog helped you learn better ways to spend your down time to grow your business. If you enjoyed this blog, please make sure to check out our Facebook group and Podcast “Real Facts on Real Estate” Also make sure to subscribe to our newsletter to ensure you never miss an episode.