Selling luxury homes is more about selling luxury living than it is about a price point. Often people misconstrue what a luxury home really is, thinking some large price tag makes something luxurious. The truth is luxury is a lifestyle and luxury homes allow that lifestyle. You could have a multi million dollar property that is luxury or a multi hundred thousand dollar property that is luxury. It all depends on the home and the marketplace.

Selling luxury homes is about identifying them and figuring out the lifestyle that matches those homes. Movementum Realty has our LUXE Collection which is a hand curated collection of homes that are luxury homes. Instead of just calling homes luxury we go and perform a property walk through to ensure all homes qualify for the LUXE rating. This ensures our LUXE clients get the respect they deserve in the marketplace.

When working to sell these homes we pull out all the stops. For each high end home we uniquely tailor a marketing campaign that serves that property to the right person. While we want the highest number of proper candidates to see the home, not everyone is a prospective buyer. By tailoring our marketing campaigns we ensure to get your home to the perfect person because we understand in selling LUXE the right person is willing to see the value and pay the most.

Our marketing team always uses professional photography through both cameras and drone to ensure clients see you home from every perspective. We make unique and immersive video tours so it makes prospects feel they have visited the home. We also always use floor plans on these homes so after visiting the home they can feel acquainted with your property. This allows them to place furniture, understand the layout, and ultimately envision living there.

As a tech based brokerage we focus to spread your home across the internet. We make sure your property is syndicated on all major real estate websites. We also make sure it is properly displayed throughout social media. Another thing we provide is a personal website to create the brand of your home. At Movementum we feel each luxury home is it’s own brand and deserves that personal attention.

If you are looking to sell a luxury property please reach out to us at Movementum Realty. We would be happy to align you with the perfect agent to get the job done. We call each of our agents “Move Mentors” because we believe they are here to be a mentor and guide in the process of selling your home. We look forward to working with you on the sale of your property. Make sure to check out our Podcast, Facebook Group, and weekly newsletter. All of which offer great free advice on buying, selling, and owning homes. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.