The real estate industry is full of dates. This ranges from offers to closing day. Our calendar is filled with deadlines to make sure the transaction moves along in a manner that everyone can provide what is needed. Dates are set so that the pieces fall together in a line like dominoes.

Agents are responsible for due dated and timelines, but are never the one who sets them. Real estate agents receive due dates from sellers, attorneys, and mortgage professionals, and anyone else that has a hand in the transaction. Using a calendar more than helps keep organized be it one you write in or digitally with reminders. It is important to keep these dates readily available and in the mind to ensure your client successfully sells or buys a home.

Setting false due dates and deadlines hoping for an extension is not the best due diligence to your client. In the end it could mean your client loses the home they wanted and may also mean they lose their deposit. You don’t want to lose a client over setting an unrealistic deadline. You also don’t want to gamble on having to ask for an extension for a due date and have the other party deny extension.