In real estate paying attention to when you are selling your home can maximize the value. For most families with children they try to move in the off season of school. This way when the kids go back to school they get a fresh start with all their new friends. It can be a challenging move with children so summer time moves tend to be the easiest.

This means for sellers in order to take advantage of this large portion of the potential home buyers, timing can be crucial. Just after the 4th of July is a great time to list your home and take advantage of the holiday lull. Before any holiday we see a major dip in inventory with a surge just after it. This holiday is the last major dip before the late summer early fall market gets into full swing. 

Here in Hanover Massachusetts school starts on September 2nd so this means as a home seller you want to be on and listed no later than July 23rd. This will give you time to go on the market, get an accepted offer, go through a home inspection, sign the purchase and sales agreement, and close the home all before school starts. Keep in mind that giving them a little more time to move in ahead of school time always helps.

While not every buyer is going to have a family it is a large chunk of the potential buyers. Whenever we are trying to get the most money for a home we need to market it to the largest audience. Take advantage of this amazing time to sell and reach out to one of our Move Mentors to help. Movementum Realty has an expert team of Realtors®  that are ready to help with all your buying and selling needs. 

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