Are you in real estate or looking to get into real estate? Then this is the event for you. Real Estate Domination is being hosted as a virtual event for 2020. There are two levels of tickets one is free and the other is VIP. VIP perks include the recordings and getting to talk with the speakers. The event is run by real estate investor and entrepreneur Jerome Maldando.

During this event you will be taught by both titans of industry and industry professionals working their way to the top. Jerome has brought in his business partner Tai Lopez to teach Taking Distressed American Retail Brands To E-Commerce. Tai has recently purchased Pier One Imports, Dress Barn, Linens and Things, The Franklin Mint, Modell’s Sporting Goods, and so many more it would take more than a blog to list. This means this event is going to be massively educational in a functional way.

We also have a whole line up of great speakers speaking on everything from fix and flip to how to gain funding. We have the Kwak brother who went from 0-75 units their first year alone. We have Todd Ault who teaches funding and ways to build capital. Bryce McKinley will be talking about wholesaling. The event is going to be action and education packed.

I will be speaking about systems and automation. I will be teaching on how to take your business to the next level. I will show you how to put your business on overdrive and create a system that can be duplicated rapidly. If you enjoyed this blog please make sure to check out our Facebook Group, Podcast, and Newsletter named Real Facts on Real Estate. If you have any questions or comments please leave then below.