As we open the country back up phase by phase, we are finding new ways to do and to look at things. Whether it be eating dinner in a restaurant parking lot or shopping online and picking up items curbside it is our new normal. As real estate professionals we are expected to be part of the fabric the creates community. As community leaders it is times like we are in now that we can shine and help our community make it through this.

I know a lot of real estate pros are scrambling to figure out how to do their normal job under these new guidelines. The thing is people are trying to go back to what they did before instead of learning the new normal. While growing my company Movementum Realty we started as a digital brokerage with the plans of having less need to visit offices. We focused on ways to send contracts via emails, tours via video, meetings via Zoom, and so much more. Little did we know that right around the corner was going to be a pandemic that we were already set up for.

For Movementum there was not much of a switch and it was more of business as usual but for many other companies this was not the truth. If you are at a company that is stuck in the in-between now may be the time to move. Whether it is moving your license to a new brokerage like Movementum or it is just a slight adjustment to what you are doing there is no better time than now. Making the move over to being able to work more remotely will ensure your business is here for years to come.

While many are calling it the new normal or the current phase, the truth is most of the changes needed in business to work with the current times were needed before COVID19 hit. Life is speeding up and people are having less time available so by using these time saving tools you will grow your ability to serve more clients than ever. I hope this blog wakes you up to the idea that these new business concepts are here to stay and now is the time for change. Please make sure to check out our Podcast and Facebook group “Real Facts on Real Estate” for even more great content. If you have any questions or comments please post them below.