When choosing a price to sell your home there is always a lot to think about. While we worry about getting the most money we also worry about overpricing. In an upward trending seller’s market place it is hard to pick a price. Every time we look at the market it is changing so it gives us a feeling of what if I get it wrong.

Here are a few keys to remember

-Pricing should be set as close to listing as possible
-Pricing to high can lead to no offers
-Pricing to low can lead to lots of offers but none as high as the top
-Pricing just right will lead to multiple offers and the best price

As an agent it is our job to ultimately guide you the seller through the process of pricing a home. At Movementum Realty our Move Mentors are trained to work with clients to prepare a CMA. A CMA or Comparative Market Analysis is a pricing report Realtors use to tell their clients a potential price. Following the guide of a trusted real estate professional is going to ensure your numbers are on.

While it may be tempting to flirt with a higher price make sure the comparable properties locally reflect your pricing. Out pricing the market can be an expensive and timely mistake. When you are ready to sell your home reach out to us at Movementum Realty and we would be happy to help guide you.

I hope this helps you when thinking about pricing your home to sell for the most money possible. If you enjoyed this blog make sure to check out our podcast, Facebook group, and Newsletter all under the name Homeownership. Please leave any questions or comments below.