Now that you might be using your smartphone or tablet a bit more these days to keep yourself busy, or to do a virtual showing, you might notice that your battery is not lasting as long as it used to. So in a situation like this it might be time to get yourself a power bank.

What is a power bank?

Power banks are just what they sound like. Usually they are the size of your smartphone and hold enough power to charge your device on the go. They can range in power sizes and how they are charged. Some can plug right into a wall socket while others will need to be plugged in using a USB cable. In the end power banks can give a charge to your devices if you are on the road, or have lost power.

What are these different power ratings?

Each power brick has a power rating and a storage rating. For power ratings if your smartphone can charge on a fast-charging cable then you would want a power brick that can charge up your smartphone just as fast. The storage rating (or mAh) is how much power the device can hold. Below I have included a few examples of what you can expect out of a few rated mAh sizes.

  • 2000 mAh will be close to a full charge on a smartphone or 25% on a tablet
  • 5200 mAh will net you about 2 full charges on a smartphone or half your tablet battery
  • 10,000 mAh will get you 4 full charges on your smartphone or a full tablet battery

From these numbers you can calculate that about 2,500 mAh rated power banks will get you a full charge on a smartphone and 25% on a tablet. I personally have a few 20100 mAh power banks and they seem to charge a phone quite a few times before needing to be charged themselves. There are also power banks on the market that can even charge your laptop. These will almost always have a very high mAh power rating.

Remember, these power banks can almost always charge any device that uses a USB cable to charge. They all come with USB ports for you to plug in many devices to keep charged up. Most have selective USB ports, one that charges at a normal rate, and one for those devices that support fast charging.

You can find power banks on most online stores. Amazon has so many there are probably fifty plus pages. Just make sure you choose a good customer rated one, and one that will suit your needs.