We know that you have a dream home in mind, but have you ever considered the architectural component as a must have or a want on your next home? From Greek Revival to Modern, we’re showcasing the most popular architectural styles in order to guide you on your preferred style of choice.

  1. Greek Revival Homes

The Greek revival homes were very popular during the early 1800’s, these homes take their inspiration from the temples of many ancient Greek cities.

They are known for their magnificent columns and symmetrical design of historic Southern plantation homes. Monuments like the Lincoln Memorial and the White House are examples of the Greek Revival architecture. 

This architectural style has a more elegant and sophisticated component, which is why Greek Revival is one of the most popular housing styles in the United States. The main features that are found in homes are:

  • neutral exterior colors
  • gabled roofs with a cornice and
  • tall columns 
  1. Victorian Homes

One great example is portrayed on the show Full House. This popular Victorian house is situated in San Francisco. This style can be traced back to the reign of Queen Victoria in the 19th century, it wasn’t long when these style homes began to surface in America. 

They are known for being asymmetrical and ornate and have some of these additional features:

  • bright, bold exteriors instead of neutral tones
  • elaborate trim and roof lines
  • towers with pointed roofs
  • bay windows


  1. Tudor Homes

Europe has really left their mark when it comes to the architectural style of homes in America. Some homes have started to resemble medieval European castles and inns.

For example, the Tudor style home is greatly known for decorative timbers on the exterior of the house, but they can also be recognized by the following additional features:

  • steep gabled roofs
  • dormer windows
  • large decorative chimneys 
  1. Colonial Revival Homes

New England is full of these beautiful style homes! They’re also the most popular all over America. These homes can be traced back to the 1880’s and they resurfaced during the 1950’s. You can also find homes that have Dutch and Georgian Revival architecture, which have been considered subcategories of the Colonials.

Colonials are known for dormer windows and gabled roofs, but they can also have:

  • simple rectangular windows
  • symmetrical exteriors
  • covered center entrances 
  1. Modern Homes

Modern Homes are also known as Mid-Century Modern, one great example of this type of architecture is Frank Lloyd Wright’s Fallingwater House.

Many of these houses are designed as a way to connect with nature, so their features may include:

  • open floor plans that flow to outdoor spaces
  • large windows and sliding glass doors
  • ranch or split-level layouts 

We Can Find Your Dream Home

We hope that this article has helped you think about your architectural style. Make sure that once you have a style in mind you let your real estate agent know, so that they can find the perfect home for you and your family. 

If you want a mix of all of these homes and you can’t settle on just one style, we can also help you build your dream home by helping you find the best location for your project. Contact Movementum Realty and we can get started!