How do you feel about “buying leads” from companies such as Zillow,,, ZBUYER, and other Tech companies? The answer in the industry seems to be mixed with some agents and brokers loving them and others saying they would never buy them. It seems across the industry there is the argument that “buying leads” is funding the demise of your own company and ultimately the brokerage model as we know it today. The truth is no one truly knows where the industry is headed. The reality is it is not just real estate agents or brokers seeing this challenge, it is showing up in every industry across the globe with new platform-based businesses challenging all existing businesses.

Personally, I feel like as a business owner no matter whether you are paying Google Adwords for marketing hoping to get leads or using any other form of marketing you are doing no different than the person buying leads. Buying leads is paying to put your marketing where the consumer has their mind on real estate. The concept that you are funding your own demise is so wrong because if you are doing your job correctly you will make that lead a contact and then a deal. Most of the time when we meet with paid leads, they do not know an agent and they are using modern services to meet an agent.

If you do your job well when working with clients, the deal should turn into many more deals which will be referrals for their friends and families. If you look at this growth it shows you directly that the people on these paid sites are like free agents waiting to be picked up by a team. Once we get that person on our team and working with us we can then get their word to gain access to their inner network.

One thing that surprises me is often I here agents say they used to buy leads but no longer need to because they now have such a large referral business that they do not need the leads. If you look at the fact that the referral network that they rely on now was built up on paid leads it makes you wonder, why they would not want to continue to grow on all levels. Agents who are really looking to grow at all times should be involved in as many different leads sources as they can be.

If you are looking to rapidly grow your real estate brand in 2020 then you should open your eyes to all types of marketing in 2020. Paid lead sources are currently the new normal and failing to take part in them is only punishing yourself. In a future blog I will write more on how to find success working with paid leads. If you are looking to learn more about finding fast success in real estate, make sure to check out our Podcast and Facebook Group “Real Facts on Real Estate”.