Not too long back in real estate agents, mortgage pros, inspectors, and others used to work with less clients than they need to now. In a world where everyone needs to make so much money and do so much work to be successful, organization is more important than ever.  For most people we now need to work faster, smarter, harder, and longer than ever but with organization we can take away a lot of the headaches. Here are three places you need to make sure to be more organized.

Note Taking

Meeting with so many clients and talking with so many leads it is easy to get head spun. We find times where we look up and it is the end of the day and we did so much but, how will we remember all we did? Taking notes is crucial in order to maintain the chaos that you call work. Using apps, having a CRM, using email, and so much more can help you remember all that was said. Notes are something that can set you apart from your competitors and they show that you care more than just the job.


With so many emails in and out every day it is easy to get messy in this department. Using folders is one helpful tool to organize your email box and clean up your inbox. Remember in a world of lawsuits and people questioning past conversations never ever delete emails just make folders and file them. Since we get so many emails either have a second email address for fun and junk mail or make sure to unsubscribe from everything you do not absolutely need for work. While I told you never delete client emails, make sure to delete all the junk emails you do not need so that when you log into your email essentially it is only a view of the emails which have a task that is still not completed or something you need to remember. Once you start working in this folder method you will see immediate results in searching your email box with ease.


It started back in the day with writing things down and now has progressed to our smartphones and computer based calendars. With more appointments than ever it is crucial to have a good organized calendar. The best thing you can do with a calendar is to enter things as you learn about them that way you NEVER forget. There is nothing worse for your business than to stand a client up due to your disorganization. Keep in mind that you always want to leave a little extra time when you are setting up appointments on your calendar to allow for the unknowns of life. Organization is a skill that we all need to learn more about and learn that it takes time to do but saves us more time than it takes.

If you are in the real estate industry or really and industry the time to start getting organized is now. The moment you start organizing the chaos known as your work it will make your life so much easier. If you are looking to work for a great company that offers a top of the line CRM free to make sure your business is organized look no further than Movementum Realty. We are always hiring new and existing agents and offer amazing training to help you get organized. If you enjoyed this blog please make sure to check out our Podcast and Facebook Group “Real Facts on Real Estate”. Please post any comments or questions below.