As we prepare to try to continue to run our business of helping clients and customers some are finding the need to move meetings to another solution instead of face to face meetings. As a real estate agent this might be a difficult time to try and figure out what you can do to continue to help your clients. Let me suggest the use of an online meeting solution.

We have always offered our out of state clients, clients that couldn’t travel to a location, and other situations the ability to “FaceTime” or Video chat a tour of a home. This way the client can visually see a home without having to be at the home. Today there are many other options for this including having multiple people in the same call or video chat from anywhere in the world.

In this list I have a few of the more popular options that are available. Some have free accounts (F) with some limitations and others have free trials (T) to test drive the systems available to see if it can fit your needs. This list is in no specific order. I will disclose that we have been using Zoom for quite some time now and have been very happy with what it has offered.


Join.Me – T (

Lowest tier does not allow for webcam use, but the mid tier does. No restrictions length and participants in the meetings for any plans. Gives you a telephone number to have participants dial in.


Zoom – F (

Free tier has a 40 minute limit on meetings, up to 100 participants. Paid tiers add some more functionality like webinars and raise the limits from the free tier.


WebMeetings – T (

Lowest tier offers up to 25 participants and video. Includes local phone number to give to clients. Higher tier raises limits on attendees.


GoToMeeting – T (

Lowest tier offers no time limits and a dial in phone number. Higher tier offers recordings and transcriptions of meetings.


Microsoft Teams – F (

Free tier offers audio and video. Paid tiers start to give you more options like scheduling and phone dial in support.


Also remember that your cell phone also can offer you a way to video chat. Apple has FaceTime, just make sure your participants have an Apple device. Google Android has hangout and Duo, just make sure your participants have an Android device or can log into the web site on Google with a G-mail account.