In real estate we are always chasing after both buyers and sellers. We try to get them to decide to work with us. The problem is most agents run around yelling who needs to buy who needs to sell. As if people are sitting around waiting for us to offer this. So what would you do to make this more successful? 

Value is the most important thing to focus on. You need to start thinking ahead of the contact point “What value am I adding to this person’s life?”. If the answer is no value stop! Take some time to think about how you can now take that same contact point and make it high value. What we need to do is think about what the buyer or seller would be looking for. 

As an industry professional you become blind to the value you have. We forget things like sold data are not just readily available to clients. It is as simple as sending a sold listing or a market report to separate yourself from the pack. The majority of agents do not provide value and look to take value. 

You can tell from the moment they open their mouth and ask for the sale. It puts you at an extreme advantage when clients want to work with you over you requesting they do. Clients who see the value will want to work with you. The more value adds you can figure out the more sticky you will become to your clients. If done correctly they will refuse not to work with you. They can not even stomach the idea of risking working with another agent.

The next time you have a lead of any sort I want you to think how can I add value. Once you do this you are already on a new level. I hope you enjoyed this blog for more great content on being successful in real estate check out our Podcast, Website, Facebook Group, and newsletter. You can find them all here If you have any questions or comments please leave them below.