ABH Program

Always Be Hiring Program

Our Mission to Grow

Movementum understands the importance of the Agent having multiple streams of income and firmly believes in residual income. Our “Always Be Hiring Program” offers our Agents a way to achieve this through generous incentives for recruiting new agents.

Earn a $1,000 Bonus

For every new agent recruited by an existing Movementum agent he or she will earn $1,000 from Movementum for the new agent’s first closing. In addition, Movementum will pay the recruiting Agent equal to 5% of the new agents gross commission after their split on every deal closing for the first three (3) years. After that, they will receive 2.5% for the entire length of either the recruiting Agent or the new recruits career with Movementum Realty.

Recruit More, Earn More

If at any given time five (5) or more agents work for Broker that Agent has recruited, the recruiting Agent will receive 10% of the new agents·gross commissions for the first five years, then 5% for as long as Movementum employs five (5) or more agents the Agent has recruited. Note that both parties must be currently employed by Movementum.

*To qualify, recruits can not be joining the agents team. If the recruit decides to join their team, they will be immediately disqualified. Program relies on Movementum Realty staying profitable and can be canceled at any time.

For more information please contact Shawn Moloney
Email | shawn@movementumrealty.com
Call | 781.535.7505