Note Taking In Real Estate

No matter what job we work every day we have an overwhelming workload that requires our attention. The hardest part of this is with so many things are flying by that we risk missing something and that is why note taking is crucial. When working with people especially in sales it is not just important to getting the job done right but also important in growing the relationship. To properly take notes it must be a constant action and precise notes during the time you are working and then right after making sure all the notes needed are in place.

In sales some of the most important notes would be.

  • What the client wants
  • What the client needs
  • Personal info including kids, pets, marital status, where they are from, and more
  • Price range
  • Timeline
  • If they mention referrals
  • How you got them as a client.

Family Pets Dogs

All these subjects are very important for you to make sure you take down info on and each with a different reason. Items like knowing how many kids they have or if they are married will help you score brownie points with the client. On the other hand, knowing what the client wants and what the client needs will help you make sure to show them the right products. Too often salespeople take their own wants, needs, and desires and inject them into the sales process. The risk of doing this is chasing the client away by not listening to what they are saying. We often think we know best, but this is a place where we are best to “know” nothing and allow the client to lead.

When taking notes having standardized vocabulary can be very helpful especially if working within a CRM system that way you have searchable notes. The notes when being input in a CRM are going to be there and ready each time you reach out to the contact starting during the lead process and never ending even after the closing. When taking great notes it can also be a way to attract more referrals. There are many reasons for this but some of the main points will grow your business the quickest.

Birthday Happy Celebrate

Knowing who the person you are working for is and what they need will lead to the ultimate sales process and they will be so happy they will give your name out. Taking great notes also leads to great follow ups from the simple just checking in and saying “Hi” on a birthday to the more advanced bringing up that the client mentioned a friend may have some needs. Failure to take notes can and will lead to the failure in finding success.

Notes are not just important when working with clients they are also important when working in general. It could be as simple as a call to an attorney for the deal who asked you to do something to as complex as an issue during an inspection that requires further attention. Note taking comes in digital, paper, and audio form with the most important thing being doing them religiously. When ever you have that thought I will need to remember this that is the exact moment you stop, take a moment, write it down, and then move on. Remember one of the quickest and easiest ways to do this is to use the audio recorder on your phone and the catch up in your CRM at the end, middle, and beginning of each day. Taking notes is the single most easy exercise that is guaranteed to put more money in your pocket right away so put it to practice.

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