Now that we might be meeting clients virtually either by conference calling or video meetings I have been getting a few questions on web cameras and microphones. What I recommend when asked about a camera or a microphone is always something that sounds or looks great, and is easy to use. Here is my list of a few recommendations to a web camera and microphone.

Always stick with something that is USB. Easy to plug in and almost always just plug in and use.

Web Camera

Don’t buy cheap here. Others will always notice when you went on the cheaper end of a web camera. I have always recommended products from Logitech or Microsoft. They have always been the industry leaders on video cams and are easy to use. You can find them on Amazon or at your local tech store like BestBuy or Staples. You will want to look for a camera that does at least 720p quality but the bigger the better. Try to find one that is 1080p. It will give you a crisp clear picture with no video stutter.


Any audiophile will attest you can talk about microphones for days. This one has great low tones, this one has great mid-tones, etc. What you want should be something easy to use with no need to fiddle with settings and sliders to sound good. Here again USB is going to be the easy route to plug and play.

I have always recommended audio products from Audio Technica. Studio quality at a fraction of the price. The Audio Technica AT2020USB+ is an amazing sounding microphone. We started using this microphone to record our automated phone menus at the office and it sounded great.

We have also used Blue Yeti and Snowball microphones. Not as low in the bass as Audio Technica but just as good.

Both microphones can be found on Amazon.