With it being the holidays maybe someone special heard that you needed a new laptop, computer, or mobile device. You excitedly unwrapped exactly what you wanted to stay cutting-edge and now your want to play with it.

HOLD UP. Take a step back. Let’s not get ahead of ahead of ourselves. There are a few things we need to prepare those devices so that we don’t get into trouble later on.

For Laptops and Computers:

Set up your device with a password and please make it a strong one. “Password1” just won’t do anymore. Mixture of letters and numbers, a capitol here and there and use punctuation too.

Make sure you install antivirus software. Some new devices come with a trial, you might get one from your internet service provider, or you may have to find one. Make this the first thing you do.

We recommend changing your default browser to Firefox or Chrome. They are a bit more secure than the ones that come installed. 

Install any password managers you might use. This way when you start using your new device all your accounts and passwords will be at your fingertips again.

Set your device to lock after 5 minutes of not being used. Protect yourself and your information if you walk away from it.

Always remember if you are bringing this device to work to make sure you set up time to bring it to you I.T. department so they can secure it for you.

Now you can go watch cute cat videos on YouTube!

For a mobile device:

Set up your account on the device. Import anything from a previous device.

Make sure to set a lock code for the device. Pin lock, Pattern lock, or Fingerprint, get this set up just in case you walk away from the mobile device or leave it by accident on the train.

Set the device to lock within 5 minutes of not being used.

Don’t forget your password manager. Install that app to have all your accounts ready.

Set up your email so that you don’t miss that important client meeting!

Bring the device to your I.T. department to see if there is anything they need to set up for you if applicable.

Call that special someone and say thank you!

Happy Holidays to all of our friends and family. Here’s to the New Year and to a successful 2020!