Working at Movementum Realty is different than working at any other brokerage. With advanced training, proprietary technology, and an amazing marketing team it sets you apart. Movementum is proud to announce that we are hiring new and existing agents to add to our team of Move Mentors. Upon joining you will be given access to all of our tools and training.

One of the first steps is to go through the Move Mentorship program where you will learn to become a Move Mentor. When working in real estate, you have the choice of being a salesperson or being more. At Movementum all of our agents choose to be more than just a salesperson. Each agent takes our Move Mentorship Pledge showing their goals to be a better agent.

Move Mentorship Pledge

Being a Move Mentor means I am willing to hold myself accountable to the highest level. I am willing to help people in the buying, selling and owning real estate. I understand that I am not just a salesperson but both a guide and mentor in the process. My desire to continue my education and grow my professionalism exudes me. When working with clients I am always honest and ethical ensuring all my client’s confidential information is safe with me. My self discipline leads to a better understanding of how real estate works in this modern tech savvy world. It is through all this that I find my roots locally in our community helping make it the amazing place it is. I am proud to be on my journey to becoming a Move Mentor.

If you are interested in finding out more on becoming a Move Mentor reach out to us. Also you can find more information here: Thank you for reading and make sure to check out our Podcast, Newsletter, and Facebook group all found on