As of 8/28/2019 CamScanner for Android has been removed from the Google Play Store due to malicious code found in the advertising platform they were using. It is our recommendation to uninstall CamScanner for Android until the issue has been removed and reviewed by Goggle. More information can be found at

Note from the Author

You are always on the road. Meeting clients, going to showings, hosting open houses, and stopping for that five minute coffee break. You receive a message that someone needs an important document you have with you, and that they needed it yesterday. What do you do?

We all have a smartphone these days, it keeps us connected and available to everyone. So we grab it and take a quick photo of the document to send it where it needs to get to. Most of the time those photos are OK looking and good for a pinch but let’s be real a lot of the time the photos are just to unprofessional looking. 

Some of us can grab our phone and quickly snap a photo into Dotloop and send it on its merry way. Unfortunately there are others who just can’t afford to pay Dotloop’s monthly fees or don’t pay because they wouldn’t be using it functionality. Luckily there are other options out there to quickly get that document looking good and on route to where it needs to be.

Enter: CamScanner – by INTSIG



The CamScanner App is available for iOS(Apple) and Google Android and it can take a photo of a document, straighten it out, fix color issues, and save it to be sent as a PDF file. No more will you have to twist yourself and align your phone to be directly above the document to be sure that it is straight and legible. CamScanner automatically resizes the photo so that the document is straight and does a pretty good job at blending brightness and sharpness to make sure that the text is readable.


Yes, CamScanner does have a subscription model that gives you cloud storage, the ability to edit the text on the photo (OCR), invite people to view certain documents you have taken, password protect those PDF files, and much more.

But CamScanners free basic version does a lot for you that you will need for those immediate document scans for FREE. The basic version gives you more than you need to get that document looking professional and delivered to where it needs to be. It is easy to use and you won’t be hung up on trying to make that photo readable and presentable.

A quick tip: make sure that your flash is always on to eliminate the shadows on the paper. CamScanner re-formats a little better when there is not a dark shadow on the photo.

CamScanner for iOS:

CamScanner for Android:


*Movementum Realty, Real Facts on Real Estate, or any of it’s affiliates have not been paid by CamScanner or INTSIG to review this app.