I want to take a moment to rattle your brain a bit with a fun thought. Instead of thinking about all the calls that are not winners start thinking about all the calls. What I want you to do is count how many calls it takes for you to land a listing. After that take how much commission you earned for selling the listing and divide it by the number of calls you made. This new number you have is how much money you get paid to make each call.

Example: You earn a $10,000 commission after making 100 calls it means you get paid $100.00 per call.  $10,000/100= $100.00

Every time you think about making a call you now will be motivated. I can tell you if you pay me $100 a phone call and someone hangs up on me it will be the quickest way to make $100 I have ever had. I think more people need to think about it in this fashion so they can better appreciate the labor it takes to make a killer business.

Now that we have talked about some different ways to induce business let’s talk a bit about the most important parts to your business. One thing I need you to understand from the start is that you need to be an amazing marketing company that is great at selling real estate. Too often people think about the transaction but not how we get the transaction. Prospecting and finding leads is how we get business and grow our business.