Back in the day when I owned a tree and landscape company, I learned that people are not always who they appear to be. It was then that I learned the phrase “Mind your business” may mean something different for entrepreneurs than it does for the individual. After hiring a few people that did not work out I decided to hire a company “Mind My Business Inc.”. After hiring them to do all our HR work and ensuring we hired quality candidates it was then I learned that not everyone was made alike no matter what they look like or talk like.


It was soon after hiring this company that I had an epiphany as to what “minding my business” meant as an entrepreneur. In a world where business owners are always making decisions it is easy to fall into what everyone else is doing or what someone else told you to do. Whether it be a referral of someone without knowing their entire background or, something as complex as applying for a loan or credit card that disqualified you for a future program based on someone’s advice. It became clear as ever to me that if I was to survive, I would need to start “Minding My Business”.


Again, I was taught this lesson when one year the snow would not stop falling and over time it added up to over seven feet in areas. This then led to the collapse of my building and almost the collapse of my company. I had insurance but as I made the claim the company continued to challenge my costs and claims. At one point they went so far as to send a forensic auditing team out to ensure I was not lying. The way this taught me to “Mind My Business” was to keep receipts and records of everything. Do not forget in times like this to take photos, keep receipts, write notes, notify people, and keep amazing records. When it comes time to collect on something or prove you said something you will have the evidence you need.

Dynamic And Decisive

I seem to have a lucky ability to attract natural disasters which has helped me learn a lot of things in the heat of the moment. After selling my landscape company I finally opened my real estate office. In 2018 my real estate office was in Snug Harbor of Duxbury and got hit by the storm dubbed the Bomb Cyclone. The storm pushed the ocean up into the bay and ultimately flooded my office. At that time, I had little time to think on how I would take my real estate brokerage somewhere else. Unfortunately, due to the terms of the flood we were not properly insured for this flood as it was unexpected. The big key takeaway here for me was to learn to expect the unexpected and to hope and focus on great but prepare for the worst. I have yet to have a time where I thought negatively about being over prepared, but I have learned many times about being under prepared.

Trying Times

During tough times like the one we are in with COVID-19 I want you to take some of these lessons I learned and put them to practice today. It is never too late to start and to prepare on how to bounce back after it is all over. If you decide to go the route of loans or other assistance remember you can only ask once so ask for more than you need and return what is extra after the crisis. If you need someone to talk to about dealing with a crisis please feel free to reach out to me directly. Thanks for reading this week’s blog and please make sure to join our Facebook group, subscribe to our newsletter, and check out our Podcast all of which can be found under