In sales a lot of people forget about the marketing half to it when they get too busy. This leads to a cyclical sales cycle. When they are slow they market when they are busy they do not. The issue is that by the time they realize now is the time to go it is already too late. Another downturn is right around the corner.

Make 2021 the year you commit to yourself to always be marketing. Learn to build a steady pipeline of new leads. If you can get that right and leads turn to listings it is now time to think of another L word. That word is leverage. Once we can no longer keep up with the demand of all the duties to our job it is time to hire.

Marketing comes in a lot of different options. There is everything from online ads to direct mail. I recommend setting up a good mix. When thinking about making a move choose a target market you can afford to hit several times. Instead of sending out 1000 fliers once take your time to spread out the message and send 200 fliers five times. Having a marketing budget blown in one major campaign can lead to missing your mark.

Repetitive action in marketing is what is going to get you noticed. When the person logs in online they see you, they open the mailbox they see you, they watch YouTube they see you, and everywhere else they go you appear. At this rate your name becomes synonymous with real estate. This means the next time they think to buy or sell they will think of you if you can stay top of mind. If you enjoyed this blog please check out our Facebook Group, Podcast, Newsletter, and Website Please leave any questions or comments below.