Moving day is a day of excitement, but if you’re not well-prepared, one of chaos. Taking small, measurable steps to prepare for your move can make all the difference when it comes to streamlining the process. Start with these 6 steps to make your moving experience smoother.

1. Sort, Sort, Sort

If you’re like me, you may collect items you’ve purchased and set them aside to organize later…forget about them, and then one day, not realize how much you’ve accumulated. Start by sorting the items you do have by category. This will help you see what you have…good, bad, and ugly.

2. Keep, sell or donate

After you’ve sorted your items, decide if you will keep, sell, or donate these items. Have a packing box ready for the items you will keep that you don’t have an immediate need for . For the items you will sell, place them in a separate box. For the donate items, place these in a large, contractor trash bag. Take on this task category by category…not necessarily room by room.

3. Find a reliable, professional moving company

I personally like to organize a move, but don’t actually enjoy the moving process itself. This is where outsourcing and delegating works well. There are plenty of moving companies out there, but be sure to check and see if the moving company you wish to use is fully insured. Double check their policies as well to see what types of services they offer, if they cover damages, and what the refund policy is should you not be satisfied with/cancel your services.

4. Schedule your move wisely

A lot of us work during the week and think that the logical thing to do is move on the weekends. What you may find more times than not is that moving companies are slammed on the weekends. Try scheduling your move during the week instead, on a day that is less busy. The company may even offer a discount as a result. Once you’ve established the day of the week you’d like to move, hire your movers at least one month in advance so you have time to plan your move wisely.

5. Create a Moving Day to-do list

This list will cover everything from organizing the drop-off of your donated items to fixing up last minute repairs in the house. You’ll not want to miss a thing. Some common things that people forget to do are return cable boxes, discontinuing the garbage service, and picking up little bits and pieces such as nails and screws in the walls. Write these things down right down to the last detail.

6. Map out the best route to your new home

Efficiency is key when it comes to moving. You’ve organized all your belongings, properly labeled them, hired the right company, and have a date set. Map out your route to your new home so that you can help those who are moving you be efficient as well. Streamlining the process across the board will make for a smoother transition.