For those of you who watched the Big Game either because you love football, were rooting for your home team, or just watch for the commercials, there was one very special commercial ad that played from Google. It depicted an old man using his Google Assistant to bring up photos and videos remembering his wife. It would be a lie if I didn’t tell you it was a very moving commercial. It wasn’t flashy, it wasn’t overdone, it didn’t tell you that you needed this product, it showed with heart what Google Assistant can do for you. If you missed it here it is, you might want a box of tissues first however….

This commercial gave me the inspiration to write a post about the assistant you have on your smart phones. May it be Google Assistant, Apple Siri, Samsung Bixby, Amazon Alexa, or even Microsoft Cortana in Windows 10, these assistant apps can help you with putting important dates and times on your calendar, dial a contact, start a timer, send a message, send an email… they can do a lot for you just by asking.

Each assistant will have different features and ways to talk to them. I have made a list for you to reference how to use each assistant this week. You can take a look into how the assistant on your smart phone or your computer works and how you can get them to help you with your day to day. Remember, here in Massachusetts in March the new “Hands Free” law goes into effect meaning that you can’t every pick up or have a device in your hand while driving. So these assistants are going to come in very handy on the road.

Google Assistant:

Apple Siri:

Samsung Bixby:

Microsoft Cortana:

Amazon Alexa: