It is amazing to me to see what people do with their leads. Some people have a robust follow up system that they follow every time while the majority of agents have no system at all. I want you to ask yourself what is my lead follow up process? If you do not have an answer I am calling you out and saying now is the time to change that. 

Having well documented processes and systems is how successful people thrive. It is funny to think that when getting into real estate people act as though there is some secret sauce to success. Once they are in, most agents are quick to say it is easier for established agents along with other excuses of why they are not finding success. All the while others jump in and find success right away. 

What is the secret to success. It is having a systematic approach to your business. Working leads all the same unless you know some underlying circumstances that you adjust for. Having this sensible method to lead follow up is what separates the top producers from the rest. What does a good follow approach look like? 

First thing you want to do is get a CRM system where you can manage your leads and write your notes. You want to document EVERY single time you reach out from a simple not saying left a voicemail to complex details you learn as you speak with the lead. You want to make sure to follow up regularly based on what type of lead it is. On a cold internet lead that may be multiple times and channels per day and on a personal lead it may be a few calls, texts, or emails a week. Keeping in mind speed to lead is everything and never make people wait. 

While I would love to write a magic recipe here it is not that easy. You should create a lead follow up schedule that works best for each class of lead you deal with. The next step would be to follow it and see how it works. Then do not be afraid to adapt  it as you find what works. Remember a well documented and followed lead follow up schedule will produce amazing results. Start building your system today. I hope you enjoyed this blog. If you have any questions or comments please leave them below. Also check out for more information on our free Podcast, Facebook Group, and newsletter.