Email scams are not new. They keep coming into our inbox and we usually can spot them from a mile away without even opening them. As time goes on however the scammers are getting smarter, getting better, and sometimes those emails look to be an exact replica of a true email. Scammers are also opportunists and using COVID to get you to open those emails is an example of many.

The newest email going around is “Mandatory COVID-19 Assessment for Employees”. Disguised as a email from your boss or manager the links contained within direct you to a website to collect some contact information from you to set up a test.

We state this thousands of times a week and we really can’t stress it enough. Always be diligent when opening emails and always do the proper checks to pass the email as real. Check the from address. While it may LOOK like its from someone you know it could be hiding the true senders address. Always hover your mouse over links and look at the bottom left corner of your browser. It will show you where the link goes to. Make sure it is somewhere you know. If the link is telling you it will go to you company website for information but when you hover your mouse over it it says its going to another address you don’t recognize, chances are it is a fake email.

Do not download ANY attachments to any emails you don’t know. That Netflix bill, the latest Disney+ invoice, Amazon billing information update and suspension, or a PayPal invoice for something you paid for. Those are all 100% scam emails. NONE of these services email you an attachment in an email. Let me repeat that: NONE.

Be safe out there.