We all have many appointments. From doctors visits, a birthday party, meeting a client for a showing, being at a closing for support, there are many dates and times to keep track of. Having a calendar with you at all times is the best way to keep track and sort out what is coming next. Many still use a good pocket calendar and write down these important dates but why not use what you are already carrying; your cell phone.

So besides having one less thing to carry around with you, what else can the calendar on your phone do besides keep track of important dates? How about the ability to alert you before that special appointment, or remind you that you are fast approaching that time you blocked off for calls. It is nice to be reminded sometimes when we are very busy.

Another great feature is the ability to send an invite of the same appointment to another person. You can add an email or text your appointment to the other party giving them the opportunity to add it to their calendar.

For all Android phones, there is Google Calendar. This calendar syncs with the online version you can access on any computer. If you add a date into the calendar on your phone it will appear on the online calendar in the browser, and vice versa. Sending appointment invites is very easy in Gmail and the Google calendar.

Same goes with the calendar on an iPhone. You can send invites to appointments and view the calendar on any other Apple device with the same iCloud account. You can even sync the iPhone calendar to a Windows PC calendar.

For those of you who use Outlook, you also have a calendar in your mail software. Outlook for iOS and Android apps also have the calendar in the app itself. This will sync to your desktop version of Outlook.

All these calendars have the ability to sync with most popular CRM systems. Check with your CRM administrator to see if you can sync with the system.