With all the organizations and health officials giving advice on keeping yourself safe from the COVID-19 virus by washing hands and sanitizing every 5 minutes, let me take this a step further in a few places you might not think of. You should also clean your electronic devices including your cell phone, any keyboards, and mouse that you use. We won’t even mention that research has shown that your cell phone is 10x dirtier than your toilet…

Here are a few ways you can clean these devices, especially since most of the time these devices are never cleaned. Never directly spray ANYTHING onto these devices to clean. Use a lint free soft cloth to ensure that you do not scratch the devices.

Isopropyl Alcohol (70%)

Yes you can use that .99 cent bottle of isopropyl alcohol that is in your bathroom. When using isopropyl alcohol you want to make sure that you are only dampening the cloth to rub on the device. You do not want the cloth dripping and you do not want the cloth to drip if you squeeze it. Having the cloth more than just damp can get the liquid into cracks and holes. Wet the cloth and squeeze it tight to ensure that it will not get where you don’t want it.

Store Wipes

You see them in the cleaning isles. Clorox, Lysol, and Purell all make disinfecting wipes and will also work on cleaning your devices. If you are going to use a wipe make sure to rig it out before applying to the device. Most of these wipes can be saturated with liquid and we don’t want liquid getting into cracks and holes. Make sure to squeeze then tightly to remove excess liquid before application.

Electronic Cleaning Wipes

In some stores you might find wipes that are designed for electronics. These are pretty similar to the disinfecting wipes from above. Follow directions on the container. Make sure to always ring out the wipe to remove extra liquid.