This weeks planned Tech Tip was going to be on the use of Customer Relationship Manager (CRM) software to keep track of leads and clients. Due to some news on a program we recommended a few weeks back it will just have to wait. This week I want to go over what happened with CamScanner and why it is important to always keep your devices and software updated and why it is also important to have an active virus scan package.

On August 27th, 2019 Kaspersky Lab, the team behind the popular Kaspersky Antivirus & Internet Security Protection Software, released news that the CamScanner app for Android contained malicious code that allowed software to be downloaded to the phone and run. This is a major security risk for anyone. Shortly after the news Google removed the app from the Play Store. Kaspersky has stated that the latest version of CamScanner for Android had removed the malicious code and was clean but what about those who don’t keep their apps updated automatically? 

The issue only affected Android phones and not Apple phones. The Apple version of CamScanner is clean and still good to use. Android will have to wait for the company behind CamScanner to prove to Google that it was removed and free of this issue before returning to the Play Store. All paid versions of CamScanner for Android were not affected and remain clean. This is due to the advertising platform used in the free version containing the malicious code. Most companies that develop apps purchase advertising code to meld with the code of the app to save time. This was the case in this situation.

Our recommendation is to delete the CamScanner app from your Android device and either wait for it to come back to the Play Store or find another alternative.

You can read more about the story on here: New Android Warning: 100M+ Users Installed App With Nasty Malware Inside—Uninstall Now @

This also brings up the point that you should ALWAYS have your devices set to automatically download and install updates for all apps and software. This helps to ensure that all security patches are in place and you are protected further from any incident. Windows, iOS, Android, Chrome, they all have options to set automatic updates.

You also need to take your protection one step further and have a good Antivirus tool installed on your device. You can find really good antivirus scanners for free today to keep you protected and most have really good paid versions as well that offer some really good tools. Most of the antivirus tools also have mobile versions for use on your phones.

Here is a list of antivirus tools to choose from. They are in no order of what they offer. Please only select one, you can not have more than one installed on a pc or phone at anytime as they could interfere with one another. For smartphones check the app stores for these names.

I also recommend installing an antivirus tool on your Apple computer as well. You are not immune to a virus just because you have an Apple device.